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1  bottle Rhine Wine  (750 ml.)

1/4 cup sweet woodruff or 1 teabag camomile tea

1/2 cup hulled and sugared strawberries

1/2 tablespoons finely granulated sugar or to taste

1 cup chilled champagne

1- 1/2. tablespoons strained orange juice

fresh violet or forget-me-not blossoms




Pour out 1 cup of the Rhine wine.  Chill the contents of the bottle that remain..  Add crushed woodruff or camomile tea bags to the reserved wine and let it steep overnight at room temperature.


Strain the wine into a punch bowl containing the sugared, hulled fresh strawberries.  Add additional sugar to taste.


Pour on the chilled wine, champagne and orange juice.  Garnish with flowers, as desired and serve in punch glasses including a fresh strawberry with each glassful.